ATN Featured in Hulu Original Ads, Mnemonic


When approached by Hulu to create a mnemonic (short jingle) for their Hulu Orignal shows, we couldn’t pass up on the challenge. We created a new five second sound that is to be heard during each viewing of Hulu Original shows. Think of how HBO has their TV static fuzz branding preceding their original programming like Game of Thrones. Although not exactly something we are used to creating, the idea was too cool not to give it a go. The last five seconds of this clip has the simple theme we came up with.

Did you skip to the end, or were you able to catch the background music? Yep, that was us too! We also had the opportunity to extend the mnemonic into backing tracks for their promotional videos. This full length version of the promo just premiered at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show, an annual event in Las Vegas). Across YouTube and other sites in the wild you may get to see shorter versions of these ads, and of course hear our music too. You can also check out the instrumental version directly without the voiceovers on our soundcloud page.

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Residual Noise


Like the cosmic microwave background radiation still visible on old TV sets, we’re still processing our own Big Bang of sorts after we released our EP this summer. All of a sudden a lot of creative people sprang into our known musical universe. And we are eager to work with all of them.

Our semi-annual “Man-cation” (recently dubbed “Band-cation”) to Las Vegas took place at the end of October. On the routine drive out, we stopped off of I-15 near the California agricultural border patrol station and snapped a few photos. It’s amazing we were able to find an Assemble the Noise sign in the middle of the desert ūüôā

In November, we were hard at work planning and shooting a music video with @antondelfino¬†and @afilmsnob. The duo approached us at our EP release party and we were instantly eager to work with them. The video will be for Spinning and it stars @realsyntax¬†who was gracious enough to take time out of DJing to collaborate with us. The scenes are all shot and complete, and we are working on editing it together. We’re really excited to share it with everyone.

As if all of the above wasn’t enough to keep us busy, there are some other developing opportunities in the works. ¬†Recently we were very excited to finally get a free-style rapper in the studio, and with the help of a female vocalist, we are now exploring the option of a collaborations EP. But perhaps the biggest news to share is that we are hard at work writing some new music that will be featured in a TV commercial. More news on that coming soon.

Obviously we are very excited about the eccentric orbit we have been on since launch. We are thankful for being able to share this great news with you. We hope to keep this momentum going into the new year!


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Funny Crowd Reviews


We thought it would be cool to try out this service called Sound Out.  They pay random people fractions of a penny to listen and review a random song.  Reviewers are required to use specific keywords and only are required to listen to the first 60 seconds of songs.

So we submitted all four of our EP tracks to this service. ¬†Our overall scores were pretty consistent from 6.2 to 6.8 out of 10, but we only had 20 people review each of our four tracks. ¬†We guess we think that is passing. ¬†But the real fun came with the reviews. ¬†There was a decent mix of spam and legitimate feedback. ¬†And without a doubt, English is not the first language for a few of these reviewers… ¬†Here are some of our favorites unedited for your reading enjoyment (you can’t make this stuff up):

“It is sung by male singers. The pace is somewhat quick.”

“Gutes if you like this type o accompaniment, might be a stage song for Miley Cylis, other than that not a hit.”

“I think I just watched a John Hughes movie where this was in the background?”

“It has a mest up drumline. Then when the singing voices come in, it doesn’t sound good when they are just saying what they keep saying. But the beat is quite catchier than i exspected”

“It really makes it the new version of a bobbing your head song. The vocalizing was bearable I’ll leave it at that.‚ÄĚ

“I’m not much into dance music, but this makes me want to move. It’s kinda like a male Madonna with swag.”

“I can see this being a hit despite me not liking it.”

There was also a lot of legitimate positive and critical feedback.  But we had some laughs reading the above and had a great time reading everything.

Speaking of reviews…if you have a second, please leave us a review in the iTunes store. ¬†It really helps our discoverability and you’d be doing us a huge favor!

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This EP made possible by…


Releasing an album is a lot of work. We have mad respect for anyone who has gone through the process and survived to release. Along the way there were plenty of speed bumps. Without the help of some influential and unsuspecting minds, we may not have crossed the finish line. Here are just a few that made this EP possible.

Shameless shout out to our wives! Without their moral support it would have been a disaster given the amount of hours we spent cooped up in this studio. I calculated it. Including time spent on throw away material, we collectively have spent 5 hours x 3 men x 90 sessions. If you stack our time spent end to end that is 1,350 man/hours. Or…18 days straight of the three of us huddled in the same room. Dizam!

But there are some other players in the mix that helped us along the way. Like @sflogicninja. His easy-to-follow videos and channel on youtube got us through our MIDI routing nightmare.

And we can’t forget Jatworld, who pulled back the curtain on how to record, master, and produce full stereo vocals. It even became a verb. “What did you do to vocals?” “Oh yeah…I jatworld’ed the crap out of them.”

Without a steady food and beer supply we would have burned out. Taco Thursdays at the 90 West fueled our grueling production phase. They hands down have the best tacos on the west side. Granted, they are probably horrible for you…oh and they have fresh popcorn too!

We also got some early feedback from trusted ears. Thanks to Jack from 46bliss on vocal compression tips, Danny and Steve from CMR for their feedback on performance, and @kunal_merchant for making the trip out to LA to jam with us. Kunal, we haven’t forgotten about those tracks.

We also have to call out bands that have inspired us the most during this period. The EP is heavily influenced by the unmistakable sounds of @chromeo, @gorillazband, and @fosterthepeople.

Also, a very special shout out goes to @venzani. After a random listen on (as Freestyle), they sought out our website and setup a brand new twitter account just to get access and download our EP. Their first and only so far tweet was to #SpreadTheNoise. How awesome is that.

A final thanks to everyone supporting us with feedback, liking us on facebook, and following us on twitter. You are the fuel that keeps this project burning.


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It’s here. The Assemble The Noise EP has dropped!


After almost two years of hard work, we are so proud to be sharing our music with the world. This venture hasn’t been easy. The three of us hold day jobs that in themselves demand long hours. Still, we were driven to get into the studio week after week, working long into the night because we love music and wanted to be a part of the conversation.

This EP is a record we would want to listen to; to tell our friends about. Hopefully you feel the same. If so, help spread the noise! Like us on Facebook, add us to a Spotify playlist or comment on Soundcloud.

A positive iTunes review can really go a long way.

We turn it over to you, our friends, our fans, our family, and it feels great to finally get the dialog going. As always, your support means the world to us.



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Introducing Assemble the Noise


It’s not often that a life-long dream shows up at your door asking to be let in.  So when the opportunity presented itself for Jeff Shiffman, Scott Post, and I to stop simply talking about collaborating on a music album and to finally act on our ambition, the choice was obvious.

Having all grown up together in a suburb of Detroit, we found in each other¬†not only a strong friendship, but also¬†a passion and deftness for music. ¬†From a young age, each of us played a variety of instruments (piano, guitar, trumpet, clarinet, percussion) before assembling together on our high school marching band drum line.¬† We then carried our music interests with us to college; Jeff formed The Indiana Trip Factory and toured Bloomington, while Scott and I collaborated on PKP¬†‚Ästan electronic music venture¬†‚Ästand¬†spun records at various venues around East Lansing and Ann Arbor. ¬†We began our respective post-college careers and eventually all found a calling in Los Angeles. ¬†Reunited once again, it didn’t take long for us to start discussing a collaboration project. ¬†It wasn’t until the summer of 2011 when Scott found a¬†good¬†location for our make-shift music studio that the plan seemed attainable.

Inside of a small room packed with musical instruments, beat machines, synthesizers, MIDI controllers, computers, a stocked mini-fridge, and three broad-minded guys, Assemble the Noise was born.  A unique sound blending our personal talents and influences began to form.  Organic jam sessions produced seeds for songs that would later be crafted into the four full-length tracks on our self-titled debut EP.

We hope you find our style of music engaging, energizing, creative, and most of all, enjoyable.  If you do, please tell a friend to check out our website or iTunes to download their copy of the album.

Lastly, this feels like a great opportunity to thank our wives, 3 amazing women who have displayed an incredible amount of patience as we’ve burned away countless hours in the studio. Without their love and support this project would never have taken shape.

Thanks for taking the time to explore our craft!  Check back with us soon for music and content updates.

– Mike Kwapisz

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Design decisions


Scott Had the brilliant idea to put together a Pinterest board of cool art, styles, concepts, etc to try and get an overarching theme going for the EP cover. So far we have all agreed on a simple, clean design. In the meantime, any graphic designers out there want to help us out?

Check out our inspiration page and let us know what you think.

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