Live Periscoping

Now that we have the studio reconfigured for live practice, we’ve been having a lot of fun periscoping our sessions. Most of the time we will just start broadcasting under the title “Live Band Practice”. But only a few folks will show up. This was not the case during our last session. We had a particularly fun group of about 20 people join live while we practiced Why’d You Stop Me? Here are a few screen caps of some of the more entertaining comments… Enjoy.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.53.20 PM

So it appears that our electro-pop style was coming across as “jazz” to at least one listener. OK, that is understandable. Maybe things didn’t sound that clear over the iPhone microphone… After that however, things quickly went downhill. Seemingly random banter gave way to some of our most favorite feedback that we’ve ever received.


Ah yes, white people crank. What else can you say really? Also we love the comment about how we are just playing Rock Band. At least its_anythony83 thinks we are “All cute TBH” (to be honest). Yep that’s right, we still got it.


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