These Digital Children


Our first album, These Digital Children, has arrived. To make a full-length record that we would want to listen to required bringing together many voices and talents. Let’s face it, we are not rappers. We stuck to what we are good at. And for everything else, we weren’t afraid to ask others for help. The result is a rich and multifaceted studio album that is distinctly Assemble the Noise.

Following the release of our EP we set out to tell a bigger story. Songs like Searcher and Spotlight are upbeat chronicles of our raw (and sometimes naive) ambition. You can practically hear us having fun in our weekly studio sessions on tracks like It Doesn’t End With Us and Turtle Walking. We actually received an errant voicemail to our band phone number and couldn’t resist writing a song about walking “like a turtle”.

This album was all about collaboration. Why’d You Stop Me? is a nostalgic throwback featuring the talented voice of Alicia Broussard. Her sonorous voice also appears alongside rapper Boots on Out the Door. Boots’ free-styling was so effortless that you cannot tell we recorded him live and unscripted. Those same tracks also include the instrumental saxophone riffing of Aran Tanchum, who can be heard throughout the album. And for It Doesn’t End With Us we got guitarist Jeff Dyck to come into the studio and just shred us apart.

We weren’t the only writers. We had a close friend of the band, Kunal Merchant, co-write and perform Ghost Town Road with us. Each of our collaborators improvised their talents on top of our songs. In most cases we just set them in front of a microphone without a plan. The result should feel like a live, but digital, soundscape.

Rounding out the album were some of our more downtempo songs. L/A/X is a very literal read about living in Los Angeles. Songs like Iminaspace and Alley Road chill the mood to let you catch your breath from our classic song Spinning, the only track on the album that was also on our EP.

These 12 songs truly are our digital children. Now we are releasing them into the world to live. You can stream the album now on Spotify or download from iTunes. We also hope we can inspire you to make some time for your own passions. If we can find the time, so can you.

Mike, Scott, & Jeff
Assemble the Noise

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