Collaboration Celebration


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with friends!

We are pleased to announce that the majority of our recent work features guest artists. We now have about four tracks seeded which include guest vocalists. It has been extremely exciting to work with these very talented people. We can’t wait to showcase them in our future releases.

Our most recent collaboration with Alicia Sheperd came from a lead of hers for a cable TV song placement. There was a tight turnaround time, but we managed to kick out a downtempo backing track to a song she already had created lyrics for. We are still waiting to hear back if the song will be used in the show or not. While we weren’t working on that, we were featuring Alicia’s vocals on some new material. That includes a track that dates all the way back to 2012. We have been patient finding a female vocalist and it was worth the wait.

On the same track we are planning to feature Alicia, we also finally got a rapper in the studio. He goes by many names, but he prefers Boots over AJ when he is spitting into the mic. He is a master of freestyling. Literally we gave him a theme, and he fluidly constructed each verse live without rehearsal. It was as if he already had heard the song many times before. The final lyrics were edited versions of his freestyles. They can be seen written on the only thing he could find in the studio to write on: a brown paper bag. We are looking forward to the dynamics between AJ and Alicia. It’s gonna be a killer song.

DJ Syntax also dropped by to jam. She brought with her a brand new never before opened Maschine. You may recall we attempted to double-down our way into purchasing our very own Maschine. We got her set up with Ableton and gave her a tutorial before we jammed the rest of the night on a remix to “Ring my Bell”.

Finally, we actually have recorded our first live cover! We needed a fourth musician to cover the guitar part, and luckily our good friend Kunal Merchant was in town to jam. Stay tuned this month in April when we post the result of our live jam session to our youtube channel.


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