ATN Featured in Hulu Original Ads, Mnemonic


When approached by Hulu to create a mnemonic (short jingle) for their Hulu Orignal shows, we couldn’t pass up on the challenge. We created a new five second sound that is to be heard during each viewing of Hulu Original shows. Think of how HBO has their TV static fuzz branding preceding their original programming like Game of Thrones. Although not exactly something we are used to creating, the idea was too cool not to give it a go. The last five seconds of this clip has the simple theme we came up with.

Did you skip to the end, or were you able to catch the background music? Yep, that was us too! We also had the opportunity to extend the mnemonic into backing tracks for their promotional videos. This full length version of the promo just premiered at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show, an annual event in Las Vegas). Across YouTube and other sites in the wild you may get to see shorter versions of these ads, and of course hear our music too. You can also check out the instrumental version directly without the voiceovers on our soundcloud page.

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