Residual Noise


Like the cosmic microwave background radiation still visible on old TV sets, we’re still processing our own Big Bang of sorts after we released our EP this summer. All of a sudden a lot of creative people sprang into our known musical universe. And we are eager to work with all of them.

Our semi-annual “Man-cation” (recently dubbed “Band-cation”) to Las Vegas took place at the end of October. On the routine drive out, we stopped off of I-15 near the California agricultural border patrol station and snapped a few photos. It’s amazing we were able to find an Assemble the Noise sign in the middle of the desert 🙂

In November, we were hard at work planning and shooting a music video with @antondelfino and @afilmsnob. The duo approached us at our EP release party and we were instantly eager to work with them. The video will be for Spinning and it stars @realsyntax who was gracious enough to take time out of DJing to collaborate with us. The scenes are all shot and complete, and we are working on editing it together. We’re really excited to share it with everyone.

As if all of the above wasn’t enough to keep us busy, there are some other developing opportunities in the works.  Recently we were very excited to finally get a free-style rapper in the studio, and with the help of a female vocalist, we are now exploring the option of a collaborations EP. But perhaps the biggest news to share is that we are hard at work writing some new music that will be featured in a TV commercial. More news on that coming soon.

Obviously we are very excited about the eccentric orbit we have been on since launch. We are thankful for being able to share this great news with you. We hope to keep this momentum going into the new year!


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