This EP made possible by…


Releasing an album is a lot of work. We have mad respect for anyone who has gone through the process and survived to release. Along the way there were plenty of speed bumps. Without the help of some influential and unsuspecting minds, we may not have crossed the finish line. Here are just a few that made this EP possible.

Shameless shout out to our wives! Without their moral support it would have been a disaster given the amount of hours we spent cooped up in this studio. I calculated it. Including time spent on throw away material, we collectively have spent 5 hours x 3 men x 90 sessions. If you stack our time spent end to end that is 1,350 man/hours. Or…18 days straight of the three of us huddled in the same room. Dizam!

But there are some other players in the mix that helped us along the way. Like @sflogicninja. His easy-to-follow videos and channel on youtube got us through our MIDI routing nightmare.

And we can’t forget Jatworld, who pulled back the curtain on how to record, master, and produce full stereo vocals. It even became a verb. “What did you do to vocals?” “Oh yeah…I jatworld’ed the crap out of them.”

Without a steady food and beer supply we would have burned out. Taco Thursdays at the 90 West fueled our grueling production phase. They hands down have the best tacos on the west side. Granted, they are probably horrible for you…oh and they have fresh popcorn too!

We also got some early feedback from trusted ears. Thanks to Jack from 46bliss on vocal compression tips, Danny and Steve from CMR for their feedback on performance, and @kunal_merchant for making the trip out to LA to jam with us. Kunal, we haven’t forgotten about those tracks.

We also have to call out bands that have inspired us the most during this period. The EP is heavily influenced by the unmistakable sounds of @chromeo, @gorillazband, and @fosterthepeople.

Also, a very special shout out goes to @venzani. After a random listen on (as Freestyle), they sought out our website and setup a brand new twitter account just to get access and download our EP. Their first and only so far tweet was to #SpreadTheNoise. How awesome is that.

A final thanks to everyone supporting us with feedback, liking us on facebook, and following us on twitter. You are the fuel that keeps this project burning.


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