The Big EP Push

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 10.22.12 PM

Check out the updated studio!  We ending up treating most of the walls and even installed some custom built structures.  The key addition (seen on the left in the panorama shot) is the new sound booth.  This audio trap has done wonders for capturing vocals and recorded sounds.  And a huge space saver has been a long shelving unit.  All of this was custom built from a couple trips to home depot and some strategic 2×4 cuts.  We’re pretty proud of our DIY setup, and the studio is now a sonically warm place.

We’re smack in the middle a giant push to finalize the EP selections.  Out of our 20 or so track ideas we’ve narrowed things down to 3 that we really think represent us well.  And sometime in January we decided that, instead of having full group sessions to work on production details, we should split up this task into solo sessions.  This has been working pretty well for us.  One person can move much faster and make decisions on behalf of the group.  We sill continue to share the latest bounces with each other.  And everyone provides their feedback on the latest edits.

Our PowerMac finally was retired.  It was a PowerPC and with all the processing required for filters, effects, compression, and reverb, it just wasn’t able to handle running new software on old hardware.  We ended up upgrading to a first-gen Intel iMac Core 2 Duo.  While still an older machine with its own performance issues, we can at least now run Snow Leopard and Logic 9.  This upgrade set us back one from entering the mastering phase, but it had to be done to get us over the finish line.

We’ve been so busy on treating the studio, recording, mastering, and producing that all of our spare time has been depleted.  It has been a fun process, without a doubt.  And the final push has been rekindling our excitement.  The finished EP is beginning to take shape and the anticipation is mounting.  We’ll close it out with some quotes we’ve found to motivate us through the final difficult mastering phase.

“The uninitiated imagine that one must await inspiration in order to create.  That is a mistake.  I am far from saying that there is no such thing as inspiration; quite the opposite.  It is found as a driving force in every kind of human activity, and is in no wise peculiar to artists.  But that force is only brought into action by an effort, and that effort is work…”  – Stravinsky

“People compose for many reasons, to become immortal; because the piano happens to be open; because they want to become a millionaire; because of the praise of friends; because they have looked into a pair of beautiful eyes; or for no reason whatsoever.”  – Schumann

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