Black, Black, Red


It was time for a break from the studio.  Vegas was the obvious choice.  The car ride out from LA was a perfect time to listen to everything that we have created in a critical review session.  And as always, we started going around the car playing tracks from our iPhones that we wanted to show each other.  “We can totally create that sound” one of us said.  “All they are doing is doubling the vocals with some filters” we said.  Now that we are moving into the production phase of some of our tracks, it has been helpful to compare ourselves to bands we like, and see how we stack up.

We stayed at the Vdara and it was a great time to be able to relax and have some fun at the casinos.  One goal was that if we made enough money at the tables, we would throw it down on some new equipment for the studio.  Native Instrument’s Maschine has recently caught our eye and costs around 380 dollars.  So we decided we would pool 20 dollars each and put 60 dollars down on the sequence Black, Black, Red on roulette.

We sat down at the table and Jeff pushed the chips onto Black.  The ball rolled, it was black.  So far so good, +60 bucks.  The dealer looked at him and we just let them ride again.  Black again, +180.  Anticipation was high at this point, we all are sweating and even the pit boss came over to see what the big deal was.  So let’s recap, we put 60 down on Black, let 120 ride again on Black.  Now we are sitting with 240 dollars on Red to win.  That is 420 dollars if we win a third hand straight (minus our initial 60 dollar investment).

Maschine here we come!  As the ball comes to rest…it bounces one last time…and…it’s Black again.  So close!  Needless to say, it was a fun few minutes and overall we actually came out on top for the trip.  But not enough for any new equipment.  Maybe next time.

Check out Vegas pics from our twitter feed here.

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