Happy Anniversary


This October marks the first anniversary of our move into Studio 13.  Also the band turned 1 year old.  The studio name again comes from our arbitrary assignment to the 13th room at the space we rent for our creative music sessions. This photo is one of the first taken this past fall.  It seems fitting now to reflect on our progress over the year.  We could reveal how we’ve built some great tracks and many more solid stems.  And we could probably even post some songs for you to check out at this point…but we won’t.  Sorry ’bout it!

Simply put: no track is ever truly complete.  But on the flip side, we aren’t about to show just anyone the unfinished product, however tempting!  We have some really cool noise coming together.  We can’t wait to debut it.  Stay tuned.

So yes, it’s been a year.  And we don’t have anything to show for it publicly.  Well, if “pixel perfect” is to visual design, then “sample perfect” is to sound design.  We are slaving every week over every sample that gets bounced.  What is happening is a snowball effect.  We are getting better at producing as we go, and songs are getting better with every bounce.  The challenge has been coming to a consensus of what “perfect” sounds like to our ears.  And sometimes it is the imperfections that sound the best.

In digging up this photo from last year, some emails stood out that really exemplified our ambition on this project.  We wrote things like “we are ripe for becoming a formidable sound, and an unstoppable force.”  And each of us wrote similar things like “I am really excited to be a part of this.” Like the violinists from the end of Titanic, “it’s a privilege to be able to work on a project like this with you guys.”

Before this year, everything was just talk.  Now we’re picking up momentum.  Listen carefully and you can hear us coming.

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