Tweaking out


During this, the creative phase of writing the EP, the biggest problem we are running into is self control. It’s hard to know when enough is enough in terms of production. Our routine is pretty straight forward: We’ll experiment for a while, if something catches our ear we’ll expand on that and see if we can start to form a song around it. Surprisingly enough, this part is really easy. Flash forward a month to find us agonizing about the EQ on the high hats and the ‘punchiness’ of the bass we have chosen.

So far, *abandoning* a track to start on a new idea has been really hard. Of course you want to keep tweaking and tweaking but at some point you have to move on and see what other ideas are out there… at least during the creative phase.

We keep reminding ourselves that when it comes time to master there will be tons of time to agonize over drum fills, sweeteners and compression.

Still… it’s so tempting to want to do it all NOW.

I wonder how other bands have faced this situation before? Is this something unique to the digital producer? It seems likely. Otherwise, you just hit record, run through the track a few times and drop you favorite take on the demo. A quick search on youtube finds a treasure trove of demos, EPs and outtakes from wildly famous bands that are incredibly rough. I guess it’s just a matter of letting go and trusting the music to shine through.

Ok, ok. Just ONE more pass… (must bounce), if I could just add the… (must bounce), man, the levels on the… BOUNCE! 

moving on.

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