How to start a band…

This isn’t the first band we’ve all started, but things sure have changed since the last time.  Simply getting all this technology running and then interconnected is a huge deal, and a necessary one it seems these days.

The trickiest part however was coming up with a band name.  We could post a novel on how we arrived at Assemble the Noise.  Once we got a name, all this tech followed from social sites to blogging to email accounts.  We’re stoked to finally be able to share our progress with everyone.

We’ve been in the studio for about 11 months.  The first month was setting up and connecting all of our gear.  After a few technical difficulties we were making seeds for tracks.  In total we have made about 20 seeds and have a handful of tracks that we deem EP contenders.  When we got the studio, the goal was to get enough tracks together for a debut EP.  We’ve made so much progress however, sometimes it looks like we’re more likely to produce an album when it’s all said and done.

OK, first post!  Now to assemble some more technology…

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