Live Periscoping

Now that we have the studio reconfigured for live practice, we’ve been having a lot of fun periscoping our sessions. Most of the time we will just start broadcasting under the title “Live Band Practice”. But only a few folks will show up. This was not the case during our last session. We had a particularly fun group of about 20 people join live while we practiced Why’d You Stop Me? Here are a few screen caps of some of the more entertaining comments… Enjoy.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.53.20 PM

So it appears that our electro-pop style was coming across as “jazz” to at least one listener. OK, that is understandable. Maybe things didn’t sound that clear over the iPhone microphone… After that however, things quickly went downhill. Seemingly random banter gave way to some of our most favorite feedback that we’ve ever received.


Ah yes, white people crank. What else can you say really? Also we love the comment about how we are just playing Rock Band. At least its_anythony83 thinks we are “All cute TBH” (to be honest). Yep that’s right, we still got it.


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These Digital Children


Our first album, These Digital Children, has arrived. To make a full-length record that we would want to listen to required bringing together many voices and talents. Let’s face it, we are not rappers. We stuck to what we are good at. And for everything else, we weren’t afraid to ask others for help. The result is a rich and multifaceted studio album that is distinctly Assemble the Noise.

Following the release of our EP we set out to tell a bigger story. Songs like Searcher and Spotlight are upbeat chronicles of our raw (and sometimes naive) ambition. You can practically hear us having fun in our weekly studio sessions on tracks like It Doesn’t End With Us and Turtle Walking. We actually received an errant voicemail to our band phone number and couldn’t resist writing a song about walking “like a turtle”.

This album was all about collaboration. Why’d You Stop Me? is a nostalgic throwback featuring the talented voice of Alicia Broussard. Her sonorous voice also appears alongside rapper Boots on Out the Door. Boots’ free-styling was so effortless that you cannot tell we recorded him live and unscripted. Those same tracks also include the instrumental saxophone riffing of Aran Tanchum, who can be heard throughout the album. And for It Doesn’t End With Us we got guitarist Jeff Dyck to come into the studio and just shred us apart.

We weren’t the only writers. We had a close friend of the band, Kunal Merchant, co-write and perform Ghost Town Road with us. Each of our collaborators improvised their talents on top of our songs. In most cases we just set them in front of a microphone without a plan. The result should feel like a live, but digital, soundscape.

Rounding out the album were some of our more downtempo songs. L/A/X is a very literal read about living in Los Angeles. Songs like Iminaspace and Alley Road chill the mood to let you catch your breath from our classic song Spinning, the only track on the album that was also on our EP.

These 12 songs truly are our digital children. Now we are releasing them into the world to live. You can stream the album now on Spotify or download from iTunes. We also hope we can inspire you to make some time for your own passions. If we can find the time, so can you.

Mike, Scott, & Jeff
Assemble the Noise

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Finishing touches


We are putting the finishing touches on our debut album. It has been a long time in the making – some tracks date back as early as 2012… The album will carry 12 tracks of brand new Assemble the Noise material (though one track from the EP will be making a reappearance).

About 75% of the tracks are completed and a few late arrivals still need some tweaking. We were hoping for a summer release but that may slip. We’ve been trying to figure out how we will release. For our EP, we had a listening party (which was awesome), but there was some feedback that peeps were expecting us to play (a band that plays live music? what?!?). So this time, yes, we’re entertaining the idea of putting a set together for the release. Don’t hold us to it, but if that is how things shake out, it will be our first live appearance!

That’s all for now kids. Those are the latest details on the album release. Sorry still no dates. We hope to get some new music to you very soon.

P.S. We also are cooking up some music videos and other goodies. Stay tuned.

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Spring forward into our debut album


Eyelids closed, volume up, a bass rattles the walls, heads are bobbing. This is the scene during our latest studio visits. We are getting into the final weeks of production to get 12 songs in top notch shape for a Spring release date.

We aren’t ready to share the album title yet… But we can say, expect this record to be moodier and more ambitious than our EP. It oscillates from dark and downtempo, to upbeat and uplifting, and will feature more instrumentals. Also expect a lot of voices. We feature six vocalists in total behind the microphone.

For this album we originally intended to release our unfinished tracks that didn’t make the cut for the EP, sprinkled in with some new material. But things have reversed. The majority of material on this album will be new composition. And only 2.5 tracks are resurrected from our EP’s cutting room floor.

Check back soon for a hard release date, very, very soon. You can listen to our first single from the album on our soundcloud called “Out the Door”. We hope you are as excited to hear the album as we are to share it. Thanks for your support!

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ATN Announces Full Length LP


This October Assemble the Noise turns three! In our first year together, it was all about assembling our studio. In our second year, we assembled and released a four song EP. And in this past year, we have been assembling tracks towards an album. Yes, that’s right!

We are happy to report that we have 10 new tracks that we are really excited about sharing. You can see the tentative track listing written on our studio whiteboard. They still need some love, and it will take us longer than this year alone to simply get out this volume of material. We are working feverishly in whatever spare time we can squeak out to make it happen.

The studio is humming and we have been a lot more efficient about pumping out solid pieces, and we’re getting less hung up on the production. We also have made it a point to not sweat the details and embrace some imperfection.

We will post more news and tidbits in the coming months about the album progress. But for now, it is back to the studio! Thanks for your support!

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A SoundCloud Comments Experiment


Being huge fans of SoundCloud, we recently attempted to utilize the SoundCloud player and its built-in comments to annotate and share our production notes all in one place. Below is our experience, but the verdict is in: SoundCloud isn’t any better than a good old fashioned notepad.

First to even attempt to use SoundCloud’s comments, you need to upload a song privately. Any song posted can be privately shared to an invites list. In our case, the three of us don’t individually have SoundCloud accounts, so we just use the band’s account. This caused a minor problem for us identifying who wrote which comment on a track. We resorted to prefixing comments with our first names to help, but we could easily all create our own accounts.

Leaving comments was pretty easy. It is really easy in the player to quickly note that (in the actual timeline) a “bass line needs work here”, or “we need a drum fill here”. You can do this on their mobile player and it works pretty nice. Sometimes it is a bit hard to place your comment at the exact timestamp you want. The same goes if you have a lot of comments clustered in the same area.

But the biggest problem we found by far was reviewing our comments after we left them. A major problem is that inside the player all comments eventually get truncated to 128 characters. To view the full comment (including replies) you have to click the comments tab under the song. And in this detailed view, the player is not shown. The player also does not show replies to comments. So you pretty much have to use the player for leaving comments, but then need to switch to the detailed view under the comments tab to review them.


Let’s talk about the detailed comments view. On this page, there is no player, ughh. This hurts because the player has the comments ordered by song time. But on this page they are ordered by when the comment was left. It would be great to be able to sort both ways. This makes it hard to ultimately find comments, for review, to reply, or to mark completed.

So in summary, while SoundCloud provides a great service, we found it isn’t great for keeping notes on your tracks in progress. Try to keep your comments short and it may work better for you. But until SoundCloud redesigns the comment page away from a social-centric design to something that can be used for collaborative notes and tracking, we will revert to whiteboards and emails.

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Collaboration Celebration


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with friends!

We are pleased to announce that the majority of our recent work features guest artists. We now have about four tracks seeded which include guest vocalists. It has been extremely exciting to work with these very talented people. We can’t wait to showcase them in our future releases.

Our most recent collaboration with Alicia Sheperd came from a lead of hers for a cable TV song placement. There was a tight turnaround time, but we managed to kick out a downtempo backing track to a song she already had created lyrics for. We are still waiting to hear back if the song will be used in the show or not. While we weren’t working on that, we were featuring Alicia’s vocals on some new material. That includes a track that dates all the way back to 2012. We have been patient finding a female vocalist and it was worth the wait.

On the same track we are planning to feature Alicia, we also finally got a rapper in the studio. He goes by many names, but he prefers Boots over AJ when he is spitting into the mic. He is a master of freestyling. Literally we gave him a theme, and he fluidly constructed each verse live without rehearsal. It was as if he already had heard the song many times before. The final lyrics were edited versions of his freestyles. They can be seen written on the only thing he could find in the studio to write on: a brown paper bag. We are looking forward to the dynamics between AJ and Alicia. It’s gonna be a killer song.

DJ Syntax also dropped by to jam. She brought with her a brand new never before opened Maschine. You may recall we attempted to double-down our way into purchasing our very own Maschine. We got her set up with Ableton and gave her a tutorial before we jammed the rest of the night on a remix to “Ring my Bell”.

Finally, we actually have recorded our first live cover! We needed a fourth musician to cover the guitar part, and luckily our good friend Kunal Merchant was in town to jam. Stay tuned this month in April when we post the result of our live jam session to our youtube channel.


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